Collection: copper earrings

/ Concept :

The jewels of this collection are entirely metal and handmade in the traditional way.

"PURE" Expressions of frozen time.

Jewelry with a phenomenon of corrosion or organic decomposition.

The aesthetic concept of the collection is inspired by both primitive art (rustic, simple, without artifice) and "wabi-sabi" (search for the beauty of modest and humble things).

The jewels are entirely designed and produced by Fabien Martinet in Ajaccio.

It takes a period of 5 to 8 days of manufacture before leaving for delivery.

Note :

Just like 925 sterling silver which darkens, copper can oxidize.

A light varnish is already applied but this will come off over time.

The patina will be more and more beautiful, which is part of the concept of the collection.

But if you want to stop the oxidation, one solution is to pass a layer of transparent nail polish on the curls.

Do not hesitate to contact me for a size or a model that is no longer referenced!